Time for a change?

They can’t both be right

Our MP seems to be digging deep holes for herself. Not content with informing her friends in the Daily Mail that she was sacking Post Office chief, Henry Staunton, before she contacted him; she is now engaged in a high-profile exchange of accusations with him out of which only one can emerge with honour or integrity.

I also hear that there is a massive discrepancy between her claims of making progress with the Canadian Government in ‘on-going talks’ over a trade deal, while the Canadian High Commissioner insists that talks have broken down.

So I’m wondering whether the members of the Conservative Party here in Uttlesford are contemplating de-selecting her as their candidate? Are they at all tempted to select a less ambitious, local candidate who demonstrably cares for our community and does not get embroiled in issues that either impugn her own integrity or calls that of others into question?

As the Green Party candidate, I hope they stick by her. I am very much looking forward to debating with Ms Badenoch on the hustings, holding her to account for the Government’s record after 14 years in office.

In addition to their environmental back pedalling, I am keen to engage her over the pattern that is emerging following the Post Office scandal, the infected blood scandal, the Windrush sandal and the Hillsborough and Grenfell Towers scandals: that ordinary members of the public, those without financial clout or political leverage, count for so little. They can be made to wait decades for justice and still longer for compensation.

There must be many of us in Uttlesford who are keen to hear the truth about whether the government instructed Mr Staunton to ‘limp’ or ‘hobble’ with regard to compensation to the sub-postmasters. The outcome is sure to be instructive.

Edward Gildea

Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for North West Essex