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Want to find out a bit more about the Uttlesford Green Party? Do contact us!

You can email us at secretary@uttlesford.greenparty.org.uk

We meet each month in Saffron Walden - please contact secretary@uttlesford.greenparty.org.uk  for the date & time of our next meeting.

THE GREEN PARTY NEEDS YOU – and any small change you may have……

As a small band of activists, we need both physical and financial help to promote our policies across the constituency. 

Whether you will be actually voting for us or simply wish to see Green policies on climate change and the environment promoted more widely, we would be grateful for any time or donation you can give us. 

Unlike the major parties, we do not have access to foreign oligarchs or the British super-rich, so we rely on multiple small donations from people such as you.   

Here’s our brand new crowdfunding page!


The more we can publicise our policies, the more we shall be able to pressure the future government to do the right thing.

Thank you,

Edward Gildea, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for North West Essex 

Real Hope. Real Change.

 Edward Gildea

Edward Gildea


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