District Council Elections May 2023

Are you a member of the Green Party?

Would you be willing to stand in the forthcoming local elections?

They are due to be held on 4th May 2023 and we would like to field as many candidates as possible.

The Uttlesford Green Party wish to ensure that there is a Green, environmental option on the ballot paper for everyone who wants to register their concern for the environment, social justice and the climate crisis. 

Growing our percentage of the popular vote is always worth doing and particularly with a General Election due the following year. A swing in our favour might persuade others to feel that their vote would not be wasted.

Journalists and broadcasters also look to these statistics in order to prove that they are being politically balanced. A higher vote and more elected councillors mean that we get Caroline Lucas, Carla Denyer or Adrian Ramsey more frequently onto shows like Any Questions? or Question Time.

If you are willing or interested, just let Debra Gold, our secretary, know: secretary@uttlesford.greenparty.org.uk

 If there is a particular ward you’d like to stand in, let her know too, otherwise we will allocate a ward to you.

There will then be some forms to complete, in which a nominator and seconders from your chosen ward are needed and that’s it!  

I look forward to hearing from you, and building momentum for real change in Uttlesford and the UK!

Edward Gildea

Uttlesford Green Party Coordinator and Parliamentary Candidate