Manifesto 2023

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A Sustainable Green Future for Uttlesford!

A Growing Green Economy

  • Encouraging and supporting green local businesses
  • Support for the creation of new jobs for a Green Future
  • Developing Education, training and apprenticeship opportunities.

Affordable, Sustainable Housing

  • Energy efficient new homes with the highest standards of insulation and renewable power systems to bring down energy bills
  • Grants to help people insulate their homes properly so that no one has to choose between heating and eating
  • Genuinely affordable homes to enable young people in particular to invest in their futures
  • Homes that create vibrant communities in the right places.

Sustainable Transport

  • Dependable public transport with electric buses connecting villages and railways
  • Safe walking and cycling networks
  • Electric car charging available to everyone by 2030
  • Proper maintenance of our roads. 

Protecting Nature and Biodiversity

  • Increase and protect wildlife habitats and corridors
  • Give nature a real status in all planning decisions
  • Protect our streams and rivers, reducing sewage and pollution
  • Establish local nature reserves, natural green spaces and a country park
  • A broadleaf tree planted for every bedroom built.

Community owned Renewable Energy

  • Solar panels on all available roofs, above car parks, in local neighbourhoods and on commercial sites to keep profits in the community.

Climate Crisis

  • We will treat the climate crisis as the emergency it is
  • Show decisive leadership in reducing greenhouse gases and encouraging sustainable lifestyles
  • Maximise recycling and reduce waste
  • Our most passionate focus will be on securing the lives of our children and grandchildren
  • Let us leave them the best possible legacy!


Vote for the Green Party on May 4th